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Matthias Klose (doko) and I did the Ubuntu booth at Berlinux. Our booth was crammed between the GNOME and the Skolelinux one. Sven Herzberg (herzi) ran the GNOME one and was supported by Thomas Keup, who had the brilliant idea of running a coffee stand, which attracted quite a lot of people, who grabbed a Hoary CD with each coffee.

We didn't have any lazy minutes at all and were quite successful. People were excited about Ubuntu and Edubuntu (which we showcased too) and apart from old users enjoying Ubuntu and new users asking about Ubuntu, we had some queries about business questions.

On the first day (Friday) there were quite a lot of students and people from the other stands; on the second day we had families and business people on both of those days. It was nice to see that 12 year old kids were interested and 70+ people too. Although our talk (slides here) was at 17:00 on Saturday we had around 60 people in the talk, some of which were interested in Berlin local activities, one interested in getting new sounds into Ubuntu and one new Desktop Team player.

The whole two days were exhausting but very funny, we had fun with the Debian, the GNOME, the KDE guys, the Skolelinux guys and many more. I'm glad we were there and with some more local involvement, we'll be up to forming a LocoBerlin too.

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