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My 2nd birthday and how I celebrated it

For Christmas I was in Trier (at my parents place) and met a huge bunch of old friends. Christmas seems to be the perfect time to meet people from school at random. Although I worked from there (3 or 4 days), I managed to get home at 5 in the morning at a couple of nights still.

On the 26th I went back to Berlin via Mainz, to collect Nicole, who wanted to celebrate New Year in Berlin. Driving through the Hunsrück (a low mountain range), it was already snowing like mad and some people in front of me didn't manage to go up the hills. The hired car didn't let me down. YAY! After having been near Mainz the navigation system decided to route us through various little villages in Eastern Germany (we heard of traffic jams and accidents in the radio later on). Glad to be back on the highway, we speeded up again. After some kilometers, we were getting mad over some guy taking up like five minutes to overtake another one, they both sprayed snow and water on our windshield and we were happy to overtake. Funnily enough this all happened near 'Eisleben', which could be translated to 'ice live' or something. At a speed of 140 km/h, I felt that the car broke away slightly because the street was covered in ice, I managed to keep it steady and slowed down carefully, but after some split seconds a car appeared in front of me, I had to avoid another car and so we were turning around madly. The street was in a slope, so it took some very exciting seconds for us to stand still again. Not only didn't we hit another car, we didn't hit the crash barrier as well. The best thing (I couldn't remember it afterwards) was, that I said: 'Just keep cool.' to Nicole while this all happened. We drove to the side and talked to other people, who just stopped and had witnessed the scene. One of them landed in the ditch and had some nasty dents in his car. We all felt like having had our 2nd birthday.

On the whole way back to Berlin we were a bit more careful and saw quite a lot of cars who landed on top or had just crashed. I'm truly grateful nothing happened to us.

The following days were really nice and on New Year's Eve we celebrated with a couple of friends, Daniel Elstner among them. My brother showed up too, and it was a big surprise to see him, because he told me he had to work that evening, I was very happy. He also took a lot of pictures.

Although I just managed to buy the ingredients some minutes before the shops closed, I made Wantans and duckling breast in red curry that evening. It felt great to be cooking again, but I didn' think of making pictures. :-)

When the fireworks started, it was growing louder and louder and Thomas (my brother) managed to do some great pictures. This was my hour. Since it was loud anyway, I didn't mind to turn up the music and give a display of the new hobby, I have since two-three months. I took my Drum'n'Bass records and although I was a bit drunk, I managed to play quite well.

I used to buy records and play them (only a few times), some 8 or 9 years ago and the itch never left me. So when I walked through Berlin, I rediscovered that idea and went into the next record store, after I felt lost for some minutes, I enjoyed myself quite a lot. In the meantime, I practised in some of my free time and it's been an excellent form of relaxation to me. So if you're looking for somebody to play some nice tunes in your club for two hours or something, drop me a mail and I'll send you a demo tape.

At four or five we all went to bed. It was great.

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